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Steve Jobs:So what I want to do is talk about how he was able to do that and it starts with a vision.——这个世界需要对目标持之以恒的人
——>> There needs to be someone who is sort of the keeper and reiterator of the vision——因为很多时候生活充满着冗杂的工作
——>>because there’s just a ton of work to do, and a lot of times, you know——当你迈出一千英里长途的第一步时
——>>when you have to walk a thousand miles and you take the first step it, it looks like a long way—— 这条路就像永远走不到尽头
——>>and it really helps if there’s someone there saying “Well, we’re one step closer,” you know—— 如果有人说:“很好 我们又近了一步” 你就会受到很大的鼓舞
——>>The goal definitely exists. It’s not just a mirage out there—— 这个目标是真实存在的 并非海市蜃楼
——>>So in a thousand and one little and sometimes larger ways—— 所以一千英里的路与一小步 甚至是更长的路
——>>the vision needs to be reiterated—— 都证明目标需要被反复确立
——>>I do that a lot.——我就是这么做的

Commentator:So this, perhaps, the most important role of the leader is to set a clear achievable and persuasive vision, because whether you’re managing a group of small people, or an entire company——看来做领导最重要的是设定一个明确可及并且具有说服力的目标 因为不论你管理的是个小团队还是整个公司
——>>that group will tear itself apart as it runs in the direction of individuals.——如果团队里的人都只关注自己那整个团队就会分崩离析
——>>What it needs is a uniting purpose, a uniting vision that is constantly in everybody’s mind,so that they are all moving in the same direction to move that company or that group forward.——因此就需要一个集体的目标让每个人都铭记于心,这样他们才会朝着同一个方向推动公司或团队向前发展
——>>So I want to talk about, now, what exactly the vision that Steve has set forward for Apple was and why it was so compelling.——现在我想谈谈 乔布斯为苹果设定的目标是什么以及为何它能如此激发人们的动力

Steve Jobs:What we’re about isn’t making boxes for people to get their jobs done, although we do that well.——我们并不规定员工怎么做完他的工作尽管在这方面我们做得不错
——>>We do that better than almost anybody in some cases——而且在某些情况下 我们几乎是做的最好的
——>>but apples about something more than that——但我们所追求的并不仅于此
——>>Apple, at the core, its core value, is that we believe that people with passion can change the world for the better——苹果的核心价值观是:满怀激情的人能让世界更美好
——>>That’s what we believe now.——那也是我们现在不变的信仰

Commentator:Now, this is the core vision, the core value, whatever, the core passion, whatever you want to call it, that Steve Jobs has set out for his employees, and for the people who bought his products.————这就是乔布斯向员工和顾客所展现的核心目标 核心价值 或者说核心情感
——>>It’s that people with passion can change the world.——饱含激情的人能够改变这个世界
——>>And I want to talk about why this vision was seemingly very broad is, actually, incredibly effective.——现在我们谈谈 为何这个目标看起来很模糊但实际却非常有效
——>>First one, it’s very simple.——首先 它很简单
——>>Almost any of the marketing messages that you’ve heard from Apple or Steve Jobs——你从苹果或乔布斯了解到的任何市场消息
——>>boil down to just a few words, certainly one sentence.——总结起来也就几个字 或者一句话
——>>So, if you think back, there was the iPod campaign that was “1,000 songs in your pocket.”——想想iPod的口号 “把一千首歌放进你口袋里”
——>>The first time that I saw Steve Jobs talk about what the computer was.——我第一次看见乔布斯谈论“电脑是什么”这个话题时
——>>He said it’s like a bicycle for the mind.——他说:从思想上来说电脑也类似于自行车
——>>You need to keep your vision, your core set of values very, very simple——你需要树立简单明了的目标和核心价值观
——>>because your employees, the people beneath you, the people who are buying your products——因为你的员工 下属 顾客
——>>they need to be able to communicate it succinctly to the people around them.——需要向周围的人简洁明了地传递这种观念
——>>Step two and this is seemingly contradictory.——第二 看起来似乎是个悖论
——>>This isn’t about, you know, we’re going to be the number one computer maker in the entire world,——我们并不需要成为全球电脑的老大
——>>which is what the mission is for a lot of companies.——虽然那是很多公司的目标
——>>This goes beyond being number one.——这个目标不关乎是否是第一
——>>This goes beyond making a lot of money.——不关乎金钱
——>>This goes to a fundamental human need,——这其实是人类本能需求
——>>which is to do something that matters right to have work that has a lasting impact that can change the world.——做能持续影响 改变世界的事情
——>>If your vision is in inspiring people on an emotional level,——如果你的目标只是在情感上鼓舞人们
——>>if you’re just firing them up with the promise of higher compensation,——只是用更诱人的福利来激励他们
——>>that vision will fall flat on its head.——那这个目标便会胎死腹中
——>>The last thing is that Steve Jobs didn’t just have this vision in his head.——最后 乔布斯从不让目标流于表面 而是用行动贯彻
——>>He was ruthless about living by it.——他也确实做到了身体力行
——>>A lot of people, when they talk about company visions, or even their own personal life visions,——很多人在谈及公司目标甚至是个人生活目标时
——>>it’s a flowery set of words that they don’t actually make decisions by.——都是言辞浮华 并不能下定决心
——>>Steve Jobs was ruthless in cutting product lines that he didn’t think it would change the world,——而乔布斯却能毫不留情的舍弃他认为不能改变世界的
——>>that he didn’t think Apple could be the best at.——他不认为苹果能做到最好的产品线
——>>He constantly was refocusing his people on this vision of doing something big——他一直努力让人们重新树立目标 有所作为
——>>that was going to change the world, and, honestly, that was their heyday was——改变世界 老实说 那曾是他们的黄金时代
——>>when they came out with the iPod and the iPad and even the iMac before that.——他们推出了iPod和iPad甚至更早的iMac
——>>That focus on the vision is what made it so powerful.——专注于目标让苹果变得强大
——>>That is what inspired the people around him, and if you’ll look at his employees,——这就是乔布斯如何鼓励他身边的人 如果你观察苹果的员工
——>>as we’ll do in just a second they picked up the message loud and clear.——你就能马上发现,他们能很好的清楚的领会这种理念



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