片段背景:1965年,美国知名艺术家Eva Hesse遇到瓶颈,写信给同为艺术家的好友Sol LeWitt。视频中卷福就是在演绎LeWitt的回信。这封信也鼓励了很多其他的艺术家,现在世界上很多艺术工作室的墙上都可以看到这封信的复制品。


1–Dear Eva 亲爱的Eva

2–April 14th. 4月14日

3–almost a month since you wrote to me,收到你的信已经快一个月了,

4–you have possibly forgotten your state of mind, I doubted it, though你可能已经忘记了自己的当时的心境(虽然我不这么觉得)

5–You seem the same as always,你似乎一如往常,

6–and being you hate every minute of it. 憎恨作为你自己的每一分钟

7–Don’t! Learn to say, f**k you to the world every once in a while. 不要这样!学会时不时地对世界说”TMD”

8–You have every right to你完全有权利这么做

9–just stop thinking,worrying. 从现在开始停止顾虑,担心

10–Looking over your shoulder,瞻前顾后,


12–fearing,hurting. 恐惧,受伤

13–Hoping for some easy way out. 期盼有简单的出路

14–Struggling. 不要挣扎

15–Grasping, confusing, itching, scratching,不要固步自封,困惑,叶公好龙,光说不练,

16–mumbling, bumbling, grumbling,嘟嘟囔囔,语无伦次,抱怨连天,

17–humbling, stumbling,畏畏缩缩,结结巴巴,

18–numbling, rumbling, gambling, tumbling. 麻木不仁,东拉西扯,投机取巧,百般纠结

19–Scumbling, scrambling, hitching, hatching,不要轻描淡写,手忙脚乱,占小便宜,密谋策划,

20–bitching, moaning, groaning, honing, boning. 埋怨别人,抱怨,呻吟,临阵磨枪,挑挑拣拣



23–ass-gouging. eye-ball-poking. 招摇撞骗,夺人眼球





28–Grinding, grinding away at yourself,不要折磨自己,

29–stop it and just do. 就此打住吧,去做就行

30–From your description for what I know of your previous work and your ability从你的描述 ,以及我对你之前作品以及能力的了解,

31–the work you are doing sounds very good你正在创作的作品听起来非常棒

32–Drawing-clean-clear but crazy like machines,线条干净清晰,但又疯狂得看不出一丝头绪

33–larger and bolder, real nonsense. 更宏大 也更胆大 真正的“乱弹琴”

34–That sounds fine, wonderful – real nonsense, do more听上去不错,很精彩,我很喜欢!真的荒诞离谱 多来点这感觉!

35–more nonsensical,more crazy,more machines,多一些扯淡 多一些疯狂 多一些天马行空

36–more breasts,penises,cunts更多 breasts,penises,cunts

37–whatever, make them abound with nonsense,不论是什么,围绕着荒诞离谱去创造他们,

38–try and tickle something inside you. 试着触碰你内心深处的东西,

39–Your”weird humor”. 你“诡异的幽默”

40–You belong in the most secret part of you. 你属于你最隐秘的部分

41–Don’t worry about cool. 不要担心酷不酷

42–Make your own uncool. Make your own, make your own world,创作你自己的不酷,创造你自己… 创造你自己的世界,

43–if you fear, make it work for you. 如果你恐惧,那就让它为你服务

44–Draw and paint your fear and anxiety描绘你的恐惧和担忧,

45–and stop worrying about big, deep things such as. 停止担心那些不着边际的事情,例如

46–To decide on a purpose and way of life,决定生活的目标和方式

47–a consistent approach to even some impossible end,以钻牛角尖的方式去达成无法完成的目标

48–or even an unimagined end. 或无法想象的目标

49–You must practice being stupid,你必须尝试变得愚蠢,

50–dumb, unthinking, empty. 装聋作哑,不假思索,彻底放空

51–Then you will be able to do. 然后你才有可能“做”

52–I have much confidence in you,我对你充满信心,

53–and even though you are tormenting yourself,即使你在折磨自己,

54–the work you do is very good, try to do something BAD,你的作品非常出色,尝试做点糟糕的事情咋样?

55–try to do some bad work. 搞点不像样的作品出来

56–The worst thing you could think of and see what happens,你能想到的最糟糕的事情,看看会发生什么,

57–but mainly relax and let everything go to hell. 但主要是放松 让一切见鬼去吧

58–You are not responsible for the world. 你不需要对这个世界负责

59–You’re only responsible for your work,你只对你自己的作品负责,

60–so just do it. 所以只管去做吧

61–And don’t think that your work has to conform to any preconceived form, idea or flavor. 不要认为你的作品必须遵从任何先入为主的想法,形式或风格,

62–It can be anything you want it to be. 你可以做任何你想做的事

63–But if life would be easier for you if you stopped working,但如果你停止工作生活会更轻松,

64–then stop, don’t punish yourself. 那就停下来,不要惩罚自己,

65–However, I think that this is so deeply ingraining you that it would be better for you to. 然而,我认为只有深刻地根植于你,才会更容易去做

66–It seems I do understand your attitude somewhat anyway,看来,我确实能多多少少理解你的态度,

67–because I go through a similar process every so often因为我自己也时常经历类似的过程

68–I have an Agonizing Reappraisal of my work and change everything as much as possible对我自己的作品有一个”极为痛苦的再评价”,我尽可能地改变一切,

69–and hate everything I’ve done and try to do something entirely different and better. 而且讨厌我做过的一切,试图做一些完全不同的,更好的事情

70–Maybe that kind of process is necessary to me pushing me on and on,也许这样的过程对我来说是必要,让我不断前进

71–and well, the feeling that I can do better than that shit I just did. 让我觉得我可以做得比我刚才做的更出色

72–Maybe you need your agony to accomplish what you do,也许你需要你的痛苦来完成你所做的事,

73–and maybe it goads you on to do better, but it’s very painful, I know. 也许它会让你做得更好,但我知道这是非常痛苦的

74–It would be better if you had the confidence如果你有信心放手去做

75–just to do the stuff and not even think about it. 事情而不去琢磨它那会更好

76–Can’t you leave the”world”and”art”alone你不能离开”世界”和”艺术”,

77–Also quit fondling your ego. 同样不能放弃疼惜自我

78–I know that you or anyone can only work so much,我知道你或者任何人都只能工作这么久,

79–and the rest of the time, you are left with your thoughts,剩下的时间里,你要留给你的思想

80–But when you work or before you work,但是当你工作的时候或在工作之前,

81–you have to empty your mind and concentrate on what you are doing. 你必须清空你的大脑,集中精力在你正在做的事情上

82–After you do something it is done. And that’s that. 在你完成一些事情之后就是完成了

83–After a while, you can see some better than others,过了一段时间 你会看到一些比其他更好的东西

84–but also you can see what direction you’re going,但你也会看到你前进的方向,

85–I’m sure, you know all that. 我确定这一切你都了解

86–You also must know that you don’t have to justify your work,你还必须知道,你不必为你的工作辩护,

87–not even to yourself. 即使对你自己也不需要

88–Well, you know,你知道

89–I admire your work greatly and can’t understand why you are so bothered by it,我很欣赏你的作品我不明白你为什么这么在意

90–but you can see the next ones and I can’t. 但你可以看到下一幅 而我不能

91–You also must believe in your ability,你也必须相信自己的能力,

92–I think you do. 我知道你会的

93–So try the most outrageous things,所以尝试最离谱的事情,

94–you can shock yourself. 让你自己也感到震惊

95–You have at your power the ability to do anything. 你有能力做任何事

96–I’d like to see your work and will have to be content to wait until August orSeptember我很想看看你的作品,但又必须等到八月或九月

97–I’ve seen photos of Tom’s new thing at Lucy’s when you think that Lucy’s,我在露西那里看到了一些汤姆(Eva的丈夫)新作,

98–they’re very impressive,他们令我印象深刻,

99–especially the ones with more rigorous form: the simpler ones. 特别是那些具有更加严格形式的作品:更简练的作品

100–I guess it’ll send some more later on,我想稍后会有更多消息,

101–let me know how the shows are going and that kind of stuff,让我知道演出进展如何之类的,

102–my work has changed since you left, and it’s much better. 你走后我的作品变了,现在好多了

103–I would be having a show May fourth to twenty ninth,我将在5月4日至29日

104–the Daniel’s Gallery, seventyth East and Sixty fourth Street,东70街和第64街的丹尼尔画廊(Daniel sGallery)举办一场展览

105–where Emirick was. Emirick之前就在那里

106–I wish you could be there, much love to you both我希望你们两人都在场,我爱你们

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