背景介绍:乔纳森·贝尔(Jonathan Bell)是旺特品牌公司(Want Branding)的常务董事,旺特品牌公司是一家品牌咨询公司,在迈阿密,丹佛和纽约设有办事处。乔纳森在品牌行业拥有大约30年的经验,在此期间,他完成了800多个项目,并与《财富》 100强中超过三分之一的公司合作,这些公司包括Google,Apple,Coca-Cola,Mercedes-Benz和Disney。他还是沃顿商学院的客座教授,并经常在会议上发表演讲,片段来自2016年他在TED上的演讲“如何打造一个伟大的品牌”。


1–There are an estimated 300 million companies in the world today.据估计,当今世界上有3亿家公司。
2–That’s 300 million brands也就是3亿个品牌
3–some brands as big as Apple and Coca Cola.一些像苹果和可口可乐这样的大品牌。
4–Others are smaller than one person business其他的比一个人的生意小
5–with so many brands in the world世界上有这么多品牌
6–it’s getting harder to create and find a unique name创建和查找唯一名称变得越来越困难
7–So how do you create a great brand name?那么你如何创造一个伟大的品牌名称呢
8–How can you play and win the name game?你怎么能在名字游戏中取胜呢?
9–You start with three steps.从三个步骤开始
10–First select what type of name you want.首先选择您想要的名称类型。
11–There are seven different categories of names,有七种不同种类的名字,
12–and pretty much every brand in the world和世界上几乎所有的品牌
13–falls within one of these seven categories.都属于这七种之一。
14–eponymous names like Disney and Burberry迪士尼和巴宝莉等同名名字
15–work by embodying the vision and beliefs of their founders.通过体现创始人的愿景和信念发挥其作用
16–These names are okay if you feel in lazy or just have a big ego.如果你觉得自己很懒或者很有自信,这些名字是可以的。
17–Adidas this is more unique.阿迪达斯这个更独特。
18–It’s derived from Adi Dassel the company’s founder.它源自公司创始人阿迪·达塞尔。
19–And Tesla wasn’t created by Nicola Tesla, he died in Nineteen forty three,特斯拉不是尼古拉·特斯拉发明的,他于1943年去世,
20–but the name is an homage to Tesla’s electrical engineering achievements.但这个名字是对特斯拉电气工程成就的致敬。
21–Descriptive names like American Airlines and the Home Depot描述性的名字,像美国航空公司和家得宝
22–work by telling exactly what the company does,通过告诉人们公司是做什么的,
23–but these names can be a mouthful但这些名字可能有点拗口
24–and a much harder to own and protect.而且更难拥有和保护。
25–Acronyms like G-E and BP像G-E和BP这样的缩写
26–are just shorthand versions of descriptive names.只是描述性名称的简写版本。
27–Some acronyms are more strategic.一些缩略语更具战略性。
28–Kentucky fried chicken switched to KFC肯德基换成了KFC
29–because fried chicken didn’t sound too healthy.因为炸鸡听起来不太健康。
30–And the Hong Kong in Shanghai Bank changed to AID而香港上海银行则改成了AID
31–that changed to AID HSBC to help the bank expand globally.改成了AID HSBC以帮助汇丰银行在全球扩张。
32–Real words like Ober and Slack are ripped right out of a dictionary像Ober和Slack这样的实际存在的单词,都是从字典上撕下来的
33–and suggest attributes or benefits.并提出其特点或优势。
34–Uber literally means an outstanding example,Uber字面上的意思是一个杰出的例子,
35–so it works well所以效果很好
36–for a company with big, broad, bold ambitions beyond right hailing.对于一家拥有雄心壮志,超越宏大志向的公司而言。
37–Now real words might seem like good ideas,现在,实际存在的单词可能看起来是一个好主意,
38–but in a world of 300 million companies,但在一个有3亿公司的世界里,
39–it’s getting harder to find a name,越来越难找到名字了,
40–it’s hard to find any real words left in a dictionary.在字典里很难找到实际存在的单词用了。
41–Composite names like Facebook and Rayban像Facebook和Rayban这样的组合名
42–are created by gluing two words together.通过将两个单词粘合在一起创建的。
43–These names have a kind of one-two punch and can be really memorable.这些名字有点像组合拳,并且很容易记住。
44–Because it’s so hard to find real words,因为很难找到实际存在的单词,
45–Companies like Cleanex and Pinterest have invented names像Cleanex和Pinterest这样的公司发明了名字
46–by changing, adding or removing letters for impact.通过改变,添加或删除字母的影响。
47–Now, invented names can be highly unique, but if you’re not careful,现在,发明的名字可能非常独特,但如果你不小心,
48–they can start to sound like pharmaceutical drugs,它们可能听起来像药物,
49–or worse, the name of a sofa from IKEA.或者更糟,宜家沙发的名字。
50–Associated names work by reflecting imagery meaning,联想名称通过反映形象的含义发挥作用,
51–back to their brand.回到他们的品牌本身。
52–The Amazon in South America is the world’s largest river,南美洲的亚马逊河是世界上最大的河流,
53–therefore, the earth’s biggest selection of books, clothes content and so on因此,在地球上有最多可供选择的东西,书籍,服装内容等等
54–Sirius is the brightest star, therefore, the radio channels天狼星是最亮的恒星,因此,在无线电频道
55–where you can hear the brightest stars of music and entertainment.那里你可以听到音乐界和娱乐界最耀眼的明星。
56–And Red Bull associates to a drink with bull like qualities红牛联系的是公牛的特质
57–such as power and confidence.比如力量和信心。
58–Some brands are derived from non English languages like Samsung,有些品牌来源于非英语语言,比如三星,
59–which means three stars in Korean, Lego means play well in Danish.在韩语中是三个星星的意思,乐高在丹麦语中是玩得好的意思。
60–Zappos comes from the Spanish word, sopatos for shoes.Zappos来自西班牙语单词sopatos,意为“鞋”。
61–And Hulu comes, I bet you didn’t know thatHulu来了,我敢打赌你们都不知道
62–Hulu actually comes from a Chinese proverbHulu实际上来自于中国的一个谚语
63–Hulu is a bowl used to store precious things.Hulu(葫芦)是一个用来储存珍贵物品的碗。
64–Finally, the seventh type is abstract names, names like Rolex and Kodak.最后,第七种类型是抽象名称,比如Rolex和Kodak。
65–These names have no intrinsic meaning,这些名字没有内在意义,
66–but instead relying the power of phonetics而是依靠发音学的力量
67–to create really powerful brand names.创造真正强大的品牌。
68–OK, so once you decide what type of name you want好,一旦你决定了你想要的名字类型
69–you needed to decide what you want the name to say,你需要决定你想让这个名字表达什么,
70–and look, of course it’s tempting to create names当然,人们很想给自己起个名字
71–that talk about who created them可以展示创造者
72–or what you do or where you operate.或是你是做什么的,在哪里运营
73–But the best brand names don’t describe但最好的品牌名称不用描述
74–they stand for a big idea, ones that translates into emotional appeal.它们代表着一个伟大的想法,这些想法可以转化为情感诉求。
75–Nike’s about winning.耐克是指胜利
76–GoPros about heroism, Apple is about simplicity and usability.GoPros关于英雄主义,苹果是关于简单和可用性。
77–And Google comes from the math term, that’s a one with a hundred zeroes after it,谷歌来自于数学术语,一个1后面有100个0,
78–so that really big number helps support the company’s really big, original vision.所以这个庞大的数字帮助公司实现了巨大和最初的愿景。
79–to organize the world’s information.整理世界的信息。
80–So as you think about your new brand,所以当你思考你的新品牌时,
81–Think carefully and ask yourself, what’s your big idea?仔细想想,问问你自己,你的伟大想法是什么?
82–The third step is to check the name isn’t already taken,第三步是检查名字是否已经被占用,
83–you might have to create hundreds of names, perhaps thousands,你可能需要创建上百个名字,甚至上千个,
84–before you find one that’s even available.在你找到一个至少能用的之前。
85–And of course, don’t forget to check the name当然,别忘了检查名字
86–means,doesn’t mean anything negative in other languages or countries.在其他语言或国家中,并不代表任何负面含义。
87–The last thing you want is an embarrassing naming fail,你最不想看到的就是尴尬的命名失败,
88–like this brand of toilet paper from Sweden.比如这个牌子的瑞典厕纸。
89–(Krapp sounds like crap)(克拉普听起来像胡扯)
90–Finally, a few words about Alphabet最后,关于Alphabet(谷歌母公司)再说几点
91–the parent company of Google are now one of the world’s most valuable companies.谷歌的母公司现在是世界上最有价值的公司之一。
92–Much has been said and written about the the, the business strategy.关于商业战略已经说了很多,写了很多。
93–But I’ll say a few words about the name.但我想简单介绍一下这个名字。
94–Is Alphabet a great name?you bet.Alphabet是个好名字吗?当然。
95–First of all, the name is an idea,首先,这个名字是个想法,
96–as we all know, in alphabet,我们都知道,在字母表中
97–is a set of letters that forms the basis of all language and communication.是一组字母,构成了所有语言和交流的基础。
98–Second, the name provides a playful link back to the companies underneath其次,这个名字隐含了和公司本身一个有意思的联系
99–G for Google, C for calico and N for nest, and so on.G代表谷歌,C代表Calico(Google公司于2013年9月新成立的一间生物科技公司) N代表Nest(谷歌子公司)等等
100–Third, the name encourages Wall Street investors buy this stock,第三,这个名字鼓励华尔街投资者购买这支股票,
101–and you’re making an alpha bet, one that will out perform others.你就是做阿尔法赌注,一个会胜过其他人的赌注。
102–And last of all, the name is a real dictionary word,最后,这个名字是一个真正的字典单词,
103–which is a rare find these days.这在现在是很罕见的。
104–Now there was only one issue with Alphabet.Alphabet(这个名字)只有一个问题。
105–Car company BMW own the URL, alphabet.comAlphabet.com域名在宝马的手里
106–but you know, here’s the thing.但你知道,事情是这样的。
107–Only the dot-com doesn’t matter as much these days现在只有网络不够了
108–now that we find stuff through Google search.现在我们通过谷歌搜索信息。
109–And we connect with brands through social media and smartphone apps.我们通过社交媒体和智能手机应用与品牌建立联系。
110–So Alphabet the company forgot about Alphabet dot-com所以Alphabet公司不是Alphabet域名
111–and instead.相反
112–Found a shorter and more unique web address, ABC .X-Y-Z. Thank you.他们找了一个更短更独特的网址ABC . x – y – z。谢谢!

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