1–chinese president Xi jinping has delivered a keynote speech via video link 中国国家主席习近平通过视频发表主旨演讲
2–at the word economic forum’s Davos agenda on Monday 在周一世界经济论坛“达沃斯议程”对话会中
3–the chinese president called for stepping up coordination on macroeconomic policy 中国主席号召加强宏观经济政策协调
4–abandoning ideological prejudices and promoting equal development for all countries 摒弃意识形态偏见,共同走和平共处、互利共赢之路
5–he also urged all countries to come together against global challenges 他还提倡各国一起携手应对全球性挑战
6–and jointly create a better future for humanity 共同缔造人类美好未来
7–What are the specific proposals he has made? 他提出了哪些具体建议?
8–and how might these messages impact China and the world in the coming years? 这些信息在未来几年将如何影响中国乃至世界?
9–I’m pleased to be joined from Switzerland by Angelo Giuliano 很高兴邀请到来自瑞士的安杰洛·朱利亚诺
10–a political and financial analyst 政治和经济学家
11–and in our Beijing studio Professor Liu bao cheng 还有我们北京工作室的教授,刘宝成
12–director of the Center for International Business ethics 对外经济贸易大学国际商业道德中心主任
13–at the University of International Business and Economics 对外经济贸易大学国际商业道德中心主任
14–Gentlemen,welcome to the point 先生们,欢迎来到节目
15–so it is very interesting I don’t noted that the topic of his speech is 很有趣的是,我没有注意到他演讲的主题是
16–let the torch of multilateralism light up humanity’s way forward 让多边主义的火炬照亮人类前行之路
17–Professor Liu 刘教授
18–why do you think president Xi want  您如何看待习近平主席
18–to highlight the importance of multilateralism at this particular juncture? 在这个特定时刻强调多边主义的重要性?
19–It is really a critical juncture where the entire human species are standing on a crossroad 这确实是一个关键时刻,全人类都站在一个十字路口
20–we see the light at the end of the tunnel for digital economy 我们看到了数字经济隧道尽头的光明
21–and we are far better connected than never before in our history 并且我们彼此之间的联系前所未有地紧密
22–but in the same time we are facing two major problems 但同时我们也面临着两个主要问题
23–one is the health problem by the continued attack 一是持续攻击造成的健康问题
24–and resurgence of the coronal virus 和冠状病毒的卷土重来
25–and the other is the how can we really provide decent living for people 另一个是我们如何才能真正为人们提供体面的生活
26–with different decent jobs during such a big recession 在如此严重的经济衰退中,提供体面的工作
27–which is even worse than the financial crisis ,and in addition 这甚至比经济危机还要严重,另外
28–actually,the macroeconomic policy needs the re-engineering 事实上,宏观经济政策需要调整
29–because,you know,so far almost every government is the 因为,到目前为止,几乎每个政府都在
30–is printing money to the market while productivity is not really resumed 在生产力没有真正恢复的情况下向市场印钞
31–so therefore,there can likely be a monetary race around the world,so therefore, 因此,世界范围内很可能会出现货币竞赛
32–President Xi particularly called on the G20 to have better coordination to,really to 习主席特别呼吁G20各国加强团结,以更好地
33–avoid begging the neighbor,to avoid sending the entire global economy into a deep recession and 避免持续向邻国呼救并让全球经济陷入进一步的衰退
34–this is really,a very critical and crucial moment 这是非常非常至关重要的时刻
35–Mr Giuliano,from an outsider’s perspective looking at the economic after impact of the pandemic so far 朱利亚诺先生,从一个局外人的角度来看待目前受疫情影响后的经济
36–really taking a very heavy toll around the globe 给全球都造成了巨大的损失
37–How do you look at the relevance of the topic of multilateralism as highlighted by president Xi? 您如何看待习主席强调的多边主义主题的相关性?
38–I think for China,in the position of China as being the main producer for the world 对于中国来说,其作为的世界主要生产国
39–is the manufacturing of the world 也是主要的制造商
40–I think they’re in a position where globalism is working well for them 我认为他们正处在一个全球主义对他们有利的位置上
41–if you look at the position of the USA 如果你看看美国的现况
42–which is a trade deficit especially a large trade deficit with China 有着贸易逆差,尤其是和中国之间的巨大贸易逆差
43–they’re in a much more difficult position 他们的处境要困难得多
44–and this is why we had trade personality like Trump coming into politics 这就是为什么我们让特朗普这样的贸易大腕参与到政治之中
45–it’s because,it’s not sustainable for the U.S 因为长远来看这对美国是不利的
46–They need to repatriate,to bring back some jobs back in the U.S 他们需要号召回国,并把一些工作岗位带回美国
47–So China will need to take into account the difficult position of the U.S 所以中国需要考虑美国的困难处境
48–and especially right now the U.S is printing a lot of dollars 特别是现在美国还在大量印钞
49–and there’s a huge risk,especially if we go into depolarization 这存在着巨大的风险,尤其是如果我们走向分裂的话
50–there’s a risk of a high inflation and a very hard landing for the U.S 美国将面临着严重的通货膨胀和硬着陆的风险
51–so this is why it’s a critical time to have a new re-negotiation of the global currency 这也是为什么现在是重新商谈全球货币的关键时刻
52–so we need to sit down,China needs to sit down and 我们需要好好坐下来,中国也是
53–all the G20 need to sit down and have a new bretton woods 所有的G20国家也要坐下来,建立一个新的布雷顿森林体系
54–because the we cannot go on just printing money,just out of thin hair 因为我们不能只是印钞,这无异于饮鸩止渴
55–Basically,President Xi highlighted four major tasks that humanity is facing at this moment 基本来说,习主席强调了人类目前面临的四项主要任务
56–and Number one he highlighted 他强调的重点是
57–the importance of macro-economic policy coordination under the framework of G20 在G20集团框架下宏观经济政策协调的重要性
58–but he also went on to highlight three other tasks 但他还强调了另外三个任务
59–such as abandoning ideological prejudice,growth and prosperity for all countries 比如摒弃意识形态偏见,共同走和平共处、互利共赢之路
60–not just developed countries,and not just developing countries,but for all 不只是发达国家或是发展中国家,而是全世界
61–and the need for the global community to come together for a better future 以及国际社会齐心协力共创美好未来的需要
62–meaning cooperation and coordination 代表着协调和合作
63–let’s take a listen to what he said when it comes to 让我们听听他关于
64–abandoning ideological prejudice,here’s what he said 摒弃意识形态偏见的发言,以下是演讲内容
65–difference in itself is no cause for alarm,what does ring the alarm 差异并不可怕,真正可怕的是
66–is arrogance,prejudice,and hatred 傲慢,偏见,仇视
67–it is the attempt to impose hierarchy on human civilization 可怕的是想把人类文明分为三六九等
68–or to force one’s own history culture and social system upon others 可怕的是把自己的历史文化和社会制度强加给他人
69–the right choice is for countries 各国应该
70–to pursue peaceful co-existence based on mutual respect 在相互尊重、求同存异基础上实现和平共处
71–and on expanding common ground while shelving differences 在相互尊重、求同存异基础上实现和平共处
72–and to promote exchanges and mutual learning 促进交流互鉴
73–So Professor Liu,high on the list of things to do right form the chinese perspective 刘教授,在中国看来,重点在于
74–is really this equality or diversity of different political systems and civilization or culture 不同政治制度,文明和文化之间的平等或多样性
75–why do you think is that,that is the case? 对此您如何看呢?
76–well,if you really turned out robots,you needed one usb and one process 如果你是一个机器人,你需要一个usb和一个程序
77–but human beings are really there to embrace diversity and 但人类的存在需要包容多样性
78–that’s the beauty of being human being 这才是人类美丽之处
79–so the different countries have different history,different footprint 所以不同的国家有不同的历史,不同的足迹
80–over their own revolutions,over their own evolutions and 在各自的改革、发展中
81–that needs to be respected and,you know, 这些需要尊重
82–despite of the wealth gap,despite of different colors 尽管有贫富差距,肤色差异
83–so treat each other equally and reciprocate each other 彼此平等尊重,互惠互利
84–that’s the basic human principles,and the other is that only by respecting the other 是人类基本准则,并且只有彼此尊重
85–you can really work together on an equal footing 才能实现真正平等的合作
86–so instead of imposing one stereotype and 而不是强加一个刻板理念
87–as a matter of fact,in terms of political institution,in terms of economic model 事实上,就政治制度和经济模式而言
88–there has never been a single stereotype, a single paradigm for them to follow 从来没有一个单一刻板理念和模式让人们去遵循
89–so we do have a shared future 我们是命运共同体
90–but to go to that shared future we need to find different ways 但为了达到这个共同的未来,我们需要找到最为适合的方式
91–that is really adaptive to the unique characteristic of that particular community,society and country 针对不同团体、社会、国家的差异特性量体裁衣
92–Mr Giuliano 朱利安先生
93–How do you read president Xi’s message on this issue? 您如何解读习主席关于这个问题的发言呢?
94–I think chairman Xi wants harmony 我认为习主席提倡和谐
95–I think it’s important to understand chinese culture and chinese history 理解中国文化和历史是非常重要的
96–China is not the aspiration of hegemony and doesn’t want to colonize the world 中国无意称霸,也不想殖民世界
97–the first priority for China is to bring prosperity to its people and build a world of harmony 中国的首要任务是让人民富裕起来,建设和谐世界
98–So now we have clash of civilization here,is that you have the weatern civilization 所以现在我们有了文明的冲突,有西方文明
99–which is a demonic,which is feeling superior and wants to export its model of democracy and 存在着邪恶,优越感并且希望输出其民主的模式
100–what we,we’re seeing right now 我们现在看到
101–especially what with,what happened in the U.S with the capital riots we can see 特别是美国首都正在经历的骚乱
102–that,it’s a,it’s a failing model and I think it’s,you know 其实是一个失败的模式,我认为
103–we’re living in a hypocrisy where they appropriated themselves the world of democracy 我们其实生活在一个称自己民主的虚伪世界
104–which are,which are just failed democracy,their fake democracy run by elites 这其实是失败的民主,由精英统治的假民主
105–What China is showing the world is that they have their own system 中国展示给世界的是他们有自己的体系
106–they don’t want to export the system 他们并不想输出自己的体系
107–it’s working extremely well and it’s based on the meritocracy 它运行得非常好,而且建立在精英制度的基础上
108–and it’s in many ways 以许多不同的方式
109–it’s much more democratic than most of the western democracies 这比大多数西方民主制度更加民主
110–it’s just that most people don’t understand how it worked  只是大多数人不理解其是如何运作的
111–well,very important message  非常有意义的信息
112–but this is going to take time right for countries for communities around the world to take this message  但这需要时间让世界各地的国家和社区接受这一信息
113–but I believe the chinese leadership will continue to promote that idea  但我相信中国领导人会坚持提倡这一理念
114–which is shared by many chinese people as well  这也是许多中国人认同的
115–if you see the kind of support that this idea have within the chinese community  如果你看到中国人对这一理念的支持的话
116–Now President Xi also proposed solutions to solving these major tasks  习主席还提出了完成这些任务的解决方案
117–for instance,he talked about humanity need to commit to openness and inclusiveness  例如,他谈到了人类需要致力于开放和包容
118–he talked about upholding the international rule of law,instead of safeguarding one’s own supremacy  他说要维护国际法治,而不是捍卫自己的霸权
119–he also talked about the importance of consultation cooperation,instead of conflict and confrontation  同时提及了重要的是协商合作,而不是冲突和对抗
120–and he also talked about keeping up with the times not just for any particular country  还谈到与时俱进,不只是某个特定的国家需要
121–but for human society,for the world as well  而是整个人类社会,整个世界都需要
122–and in the part about upholding international rule of law  在关于维护国际法治部分
123–he had this to say,let’s take a look  他说到以下这些,我们一起来看
124–to build small circles or start a new cold war,to reject threaten or intimidate others  在国际上搞“小圈子”、“新冷战”,排斥、威胁、恐吓他人
125–to willfully impose decoupling supply disruption or sanctions and to create isolation or estrangement  搞脱钩、断供、制裁,人为造成相互隔离甚至隔绝
126–will only push the world into division and even confrontation  只能把世界推向分裂甚至对抗
127–we cannot tackle common challenges in a divided world  一个分裂的世界无法应对人类面临的共同挑战
128–and confrontation will lead us to a dead end  对抗将把人类引入死胡同
129–so there he mentioned this word”cold war”  他提到了一个词,冷战
130–which is picked up by news agencies around the world  这也被世界各地新闻机构采用过
131–Basically,he also mentioned other wars such as cold war,hot war,trade war,tech war  他还提到了其他战争,比如冷战、热战、贸易战、科技战
132–So professor Liu,what do you think is is he trying to tell the world what is China’s position here?  刘教授,你如何看待他告诉世界关于中国在这方面的立场?
133–the world has enjoyed the peace  世界享有和平
134–basically on abroad basis since the end of the second world war for so long time  自从世界第二次大战结束已经很长一段时间了
135–simply because there has been a global governance by the rule of law  原因很简单,因为已经有了全球治理的法治管理
136–although it requires a number of reforms  尽管这需要大量的改革
137–it’s basically there setting the foundation  但已经建立好了基本架构
138–and the rule of law is really a voluntary engagement from each of those countries  法治是这些国家自愿参与的结果
139–each of those sovereignties instead of,you know,being imposed by or dictated by a certain country  每个国家都拥有主权,而不是被某个国家强加支配
140–or by a certain Tasa  或是被某个统治者
141–so that’s something,that is very important  这是非常重要的
142–because,you know,there has been a lot more finger pointing over the past years and  因为过去的这些年出现太多的指责
143–you know,a lot of the politicians normally wanted to shift their problem they have faced  许多的政客只是想转移他们面临的问题
144–or they have created onto others in order to avoid a domestic complaint  或是给其他人造成问题以避免自己国内的批评
145–and this is really,a very short-sighted approach,you can fool people for a day,  这方法是十分目光短浅的,你可以在短期内愚弄人们
146–but not even for months in today’s environment  但在当今的环境下不会长久
147–so,therefore,you know,  因此
148–being honest,and being integral,and by working with the other in a face-based manner  要诚实,团结,并坦诚地与他人合作
149–and this is something that we have to engage  这是我们必须参与的事情
150–and there has been a lot of,you know,protectionism going on  现在有太多的保护主义盛行
151–there has been,you know,a lot of bullying going on  还有许多霸凌行为
152–and this is not really acceptable  这都是不能接受的
153–because we are living in the 21st century  因为我们生活在21世纪
154–and there is the general awakening of humanity  人道主义普遍在觉醒
155–and that’s something that we need to share  这是我们需要共享的
156–critics might say,is China,you know,pushing back against all of the criticism  批评家可能说中国无视所有的指责
157–saying basically,that is totally innocent,and everything has been levied on it,you know,without basis  但中国是无辜的,还说没有任何依据征收所有东西
158–or is China saying we don’t want confrontation  中国说我们不提倡对抗
159–whether it is hot or cold  无论冷战还是热战
160–if there are problems we can sit down and negotiate  如果有问题,我们可以坐下协商
161–Mr Giuliano,how did you take this message?  朱利亚诺先生,您是如何解读这条信息的?
162–I agree very much with the professor here  关于这点我非常赞同刘教授
163–I think it’s very hypocritical what the U.S is doing  我认为美国现在的行为是非常虚伪的
164–I live in Hong Kong most of the time and  我大部分时间都住在香港
165–I’ve experienced the meddling of the U.S in Hong Kong  我经历过美国在香港的干预
166–so basically we had interference of CIA agency in Hong Kong  所以基本上我们对中央情报局在香港的机构进行了干涉
167–and also we see what happened lately in Taiwan,just a National Endowment for Democracy  我们也看到了最近台湾的情况,美国国家民主基金会的建立
168–which is an extension of the CIA,just opened an office in Taipei  其实是美国情报局的扩张行为,就是台北建立了办公室
169–those entities are used for toppling government and creating chaos and addition to that  这些机构用于推翻政府,制造混乱,另外
170–you have all the fake news about Xinjiang,about China human rights and so on  你能看到很多关于中国新疆,人权的虚假新闻
171–so there’s a heavy bullying and  这是严重的霸凌行为
172–I think China is being treated unfairly,the problem is that  我觉得中国被如此对待是不公平的,问题在于
173–China doesn’t have access to,it’s been censored alternative voices like  中国没有途径(发声),这些都被SHENCHA覆盖了
174–let’s say mine are being censored on social media,facebook and twitter  比如说我,在社交媒体,脸书,推特上被SHENCHA,
175–so it’s very hard for China to tell the world the truth  所以中国很难告诉世界真相
176–because there’s a censorship and you see it’s not only about China’s censorship  因为有一个SHENCHA制度,不仅仅是中国SHENCHA
177–it’s also censorship in the U.S  美国也是如此
178–they are censoring a president  总统也不例外
179–there’s a heavy censorship right now on the left is the entities  对于ZUOYI团体也有严格地SHENCHA
180–you know,people on the left  还有ZUOYI人士
181–so I think it’s very hypocritical and it’s very unfair,there is a lack of knowledge of the west  我认为这是是非虚伪和不公平的,缺乏对西方的了解
182–and China doesn’t have alternative,doesn’t have ways to spread the word about the reality  中国没有选择,也没有途径告诉世界真相
183–it’s very hard to tell the truth  告诉事实是非常困难的
184–So how does China propose?  那么中国是怎么提议的呢?
185–you know,to solve the problem and to,you know,  关于解决问题的部分
186–in some people’s words,to compete with other major countries  用某些人的话来说,就是与其他主要国家竞争
187–President Xi had also this to say,let’s take a listen to that  关于这点习主席有话说,我们来听一下
188–it is important that we stick to the cooperation concept based on mutual benefits  恪守互利共赢的合作观
189–Say”No”to narrow-minded ,selfish beggar-thy-neighbor policies  拒绝自私自利的狭隘政策
190–and stop unilateral practice of keeping advantages in development all to oneself  停止单方面把发展优势独揽于己的做法
191–equal rights to development should be guaranteed for all countries  要提倡公平公正竞争
192–to promote common development and prosperity  促进共同繁荣发展
193–we should advocate fair competition like competing with each other for accidents in a racing field  开展你追我赶、共同提高的田径赛
194–not beating each other on a wrestling arena  而不是搞相互攻击、你死我活的角斗赛
195–we’re running out of time  时间到快到了
196–Professor Liu, your take on this sound bite  刘教授,谈谈您对这段发言的看法?
197–I really like this analogy,you know,  我很喜欢这个类比
198–the people do need competition,but there has to be competition  人类确实需要竞争,也必须要有竞争
199–and there has been a positive,some competition  但必须是正面积极竞争
200–instead of,you know,setting blockade or,you know,beating down or kill each other  而不是,封锁或是打斗甚至是致对方于死地
201–so this competition promotes efficiency and enhance common prosperity  竞争提高效率,促进共同繁荣
202–so therefore,you know,  因此
203–How the world can be really reset with the right type of governance?  如何才能用正确的治理方式真正重置这个世界?
204–in terms of the finance economy and the human value  就金融经济和人类价值而言
205–and this is really something that the leaders and  这是领导人们
206–actually,the entire human being need to rethink themselves  实际上,也是全人类都需要反思的问题
207–as where we can,where in the past and where do we end up  过去,现在,将来都是如此
208–we have to leave,that time is up  我们得走了,时间到了
209–I’m sure many different people will have many different interpretations of president Xi’s message  我相信不同的人对习主席的发言有不同的见解
210–but these are his messages  这些是刘教授的看法
211–many thanks to Angelo Guniardo joining us from Switzerland and  非常感谢来自瑞士的安吉洛·古尼亚多
212–professor Liu baocheng joining us here in the studio  和我们的刘宝成教授参与我们的节目

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