背景介绍:比尔·埃克斯特罗姆(Bill Eckstrom)是一位企业家,作家,演说家,户外活动者,也是三个孩子的父亲。比尔深深植根于成长和发展的热情,始终对教练对个人和团队绩效的作用着迷。结果,他成立了EcSell研究所,其唯一重点是为全球组织内的领导者提供教育,跟踪和衡量教练的有效性。片段取自2017年他在Ted上主题Why comfort will ruin your life的演讲


1–So I was on a roll.我以前运气很好。
2–I was an executive with a nice salary, annual bonuses and stock options我是一名高管,薪水不错,有年终奖金和股票期权
3–all the perks.所有的津贴。
4–Everything was on track.一切都循着正轨前进。
5–And on Monday, January seventh, 2008,2008年1月7日 星期一
6–At three o’clock in the afternoon下午三点钟
7–in a small conference room on the top floor of our building.在我们大楼顶层的一个小会议室里。
8–The president of the company wanted to have a quick meeting with me公司的总裁想和我开个简短的会议
9–which wasn’t unusual, since he was my boss这很正常,因为他是我老板
10–but the meeting turned out to be even more brief than expected.但会议结果比预期的还要简短。
11–He fired me.他开除了我
12–And I’ll never forget how his words just sucked the breath right out of me.而且我永远不会忘记他的话是如何让我喘不过气来的。
13–And I left the conference room in a day’s state我离开会议室的时候一天都没睡着
14–and I went home and curled up my bed in the fetal position for three hours.我回到家,像胎儿一样蜷缩在床上睡了三个小时。
15–And I could go on and vivid detail about how I felt我可以继续生动地描述我的感受
16–what I did to my self-esteem, my finances and so on.我对我的自尊,我的经济等等的影响。
17–What I now realize is我现在意识到的是
18–while that event created the greatest amount of discomfort I had ever felt.那件事让我感到前所未有的不舒服。
19–It was that discomfort, the departure from my ordered life那是一种不舒服,一种对我有序生活的背离
20–that forever changed it for the better.这永远地让它变得更好。
21–You see friends, what makes you comfortable can ruin you.朋友们,让你感到舒服的事情也会毁了你
22–What makes you uncomfortable is the only way to grow让你不舒服的,才是成长的唯一途径
23–Let me say that again, what makes you comfortable can ruin you让我再说一遍,让你舒服的东西也会毁了你
24–and only in a state of discomfort只有在不舒服的状态下
25–can you continually grow你才能不断成长
26–Now I suppose from January eight,假如 1 月 8 日有人对我说:
27–somebody come up and said, “buddy, getting fired’s a good thing!”有个人走过来对我说:“伙计,被解雇是件好事!”
28–“because now you’re really going to grow!”“因为你现在真的要长大了!”
29–I probably want to smack them.我可能想揍他们。
31–Pretty quickly, I became motivated to start a new journey很快,我振作起来开始新旅程
32–and after a couple of years of work with my new team.在我的新团队工作了几年之后。
33–And a Phd friend at the University of Nebraska, we had this epiphany.及一个内布拉斯加大学的博士,突然明白了
34–On how to illustrate and apply the science of discomfort and growth该怎么说明和应用这个不安与成长的理论了。
35–We called the concept the growth rings.我们把这个概念称为“成长圈”。
36–The growth rings represent living environments that promote or hinder growth成长圈代表促进或阻碍生长的生活环境
37–and that includes everything from your place of work.这包括你工作场所的一切。
38–to even a fish bowl.甚至一个鱼缸。
39–You see what dictates the size of goldfish is its environment.你看 决定金鱼大小的是它所处的环境
40–And while this goldfish lives in a very safe environment,虽然这种金鱼生活在一个非常安全的环境中,
41–it’s also very limiting in most every way同时也是一个非常局促的环境。
42–and when placed in more robust environment如果把金鱼放在一个比较健全的环境里,
43–Might say, small pond, this can be the result.像是小池塘,结果可能是这样(长成大鱼)。。
44–No. It also means he could be eaten.不。这也意味着它可能会被吃掉。
45–But friends, this is you.但是朋友们 这就是你们
46–The environments in which you work,live and play你工作、生活和娱乐的环境
47–they’re all a proverbial fish bowl that dictates your growth.全部都是决定你成长的鱼缸。
48–So the first growth ring represents所以第一个成长圈代表
49–a low performing, low growth environment called stagnation.被称为“停滞圈”的低表现、低增长环境。
50–Stagnation is understood by having to follow too many steps and permissions of minutiae停滞圈有太多步骤得遵循、及权限和细节的考量。
51–thus stifles creativity, independent thought and action.这种环境扼杀创造力、独立思考和行动力。
52–To imagine an environment such as this.想象这样的环境。
53–Think no further than our state and federal governments我们的州和联邦政府就是个例子
54–Now the antithesis, a stagnation is chaos与停滞相对的是混乱
55–also low growth and low performing同样低成长和低效能。
56–chaos can be caused by internal or external events or conditions.混乱可能是由内部或外部事件或条件引起的。
57–We see chaos occur at times in business mergers,我们经常在企业合并
58–natural disasters, in horrific events like 911.自然灾害,恐怖事件比如911中看到。
59–Chaos is having zero predictability or control over inputs and outcomes.我们无法预测混乱,也无法控制其成因和结果。
60–Coming back down the growth rings next to stagnation回到成长圈,紧随着停滞圈
61–is the most desirable environment,order.大家最渴望的环境——秩序
62–Order is knowing that what you do or what is happening in your environment秩序就是清楚掌控自身的行动及所处的环境,
63–leads to a predictable outcome.一切都在预料之中。
64–And in predictability, comfort is found.既然能够预期,舒适感就随之而来。
65–The comfort is also one makes orders so dangerous但舒适的秩序也很危险。
66–because science shows that any time you can do something,因为研究显示,只要你持续不断地做某件事
67–even think about something the same way.甚至用同样的方式思考。
68–You’ll eventually stop growing你最终会停止成长
69–and this applies to every living thing, even our dog.这适用于所有生物,包括我们的狗。
70–You see, if Aspen had a chance, she’d choose comfort,如果阿斯彭有机会,她会选择舒适,
71–six days a week and twice on Sundays.每周放六天假, 外加周日两次
72–But too much growth limiting order would have prevented her然而如果给她太多限制成长、舒适的秩序会妨碍她
73–from becoming a therapy dog.成为一只治疗犬
74–And had this been allowed,那样的话,
75–think of the lives this gentle soul would not be touching today.温柔可人的她也没机会触动那么多人了。
76–So before your order continues to limit the way you think and act因此,与其让秩序继续限制你的思维和行动,
77–remember what I said earlier.记住我之前说过的话。
78–Growth only occurs in a state of discomfort.不安的环境促进成长。
79–Now think about the power of that phrase,现在想想这句话的力量,
80–“Growth only occurs in a state of discomfort.”“不安的环境促进成长。”
81–I can unequivocally state, I wouldn’t be standing on this stage today我敢说, 我今天能站在这个舞台上,
82–without my uncomfortable or to disrupting day 9 years ago.完全要归功于九年前那极度不安、 秩序遭到破坏的那一天
83–By the way, I’m not recommending you go get fired. See if it leads to a TED Talk顺便说一句,我不是建议你想办法被炒鱿鱼 以便来 TEDTalk 演讲。
85–When you feel discomfort hit当你觉得不舒服的时候
86–that means you’ve entered the complexity ring.那代表你进入了复杂圈。
87–Complexity is nothing more than changed order.复杂其实也不过是秩序的变动
88–But when your order is changed,outcomes are no longer predictable但当你的秩序改变时,结果就不再是可预测的了
89–and it’s unpredictability that makes you uncomfortable.这种不可预测性会让你感到不舒服。
90–And while most times虽然大多数时候
91–your visceral response to discomfort does not just”No!”我们对不安的直觉反应可能不只是”不!”
92–but hell no, you can actually learn how empowering it is.而是“天哪,不要!”,就会感受随之而来的力量,
93–To consciously acknowledge discomfort.如果你说服自己去感知那个不安
94–And then, when appropriate, choose complexity over order,适时跳出舒适的秩序圈,选择复杂圈。
95–and I know seeking discomfort sounds odd, and not many people do it我知道寻求不适听起来很奇怪,但很少有人这么做
96–but you have to learn to embrace it.但你得学会接受它。
97–Because it’s the only environment where sustained or exponential growth can occur.因为这是唯一能保证持续或指数增长的环境
99–To weave high growth complexity into the fabric of your lives.把促进高成长的复杂圈概念引进到生活中
100–There are three primary ways it can be triggered.主要有三个方法。
101–Complexity trigger number one is it can be forced upon you.第一个是,当外力把我们推进复杂圈。
102–When I got fired, I didn’t have a chance to stay in order.当我被解雇时,我脱离了秩序
103–Complexity was selected for me, and when this happens,进入复杂圈并非出自我的选择,当这种情况发生时,
104–how much you grow depends on how you respond to it.你能成长多少取决于你如何应对它。
105–Now I could have remained angry, I could have used it as an excuse.我本可一直气愤,也可以此为借口
106–But what I, this, centers, what I actually learned,但我真正学到的是,
107–is that I suck as an employee,作为一个员工,我很烂,
108–and I’m much better off excepting the risks of running my own company.相较之下,选择承担风险 经营自己的公司则好得多。
109–Complexity Trigger number two, someone can help you get there.第二个方法:由他人帮你进入复杂圈。
110–This is the role of parents,这就是父母
111–teachers, coaches and bosses because left on their own.老师,教练和老板的角色,因为如果自己来的话
112–People will consciously or subconsciously select the comfort of order.最后的结果一定是有意无意地回到安逸的秩序圈。
113–And they then need to be pushed into complexity in order to continue growing.然后为了继续发展,最终还是得被推入复杂圈里
114–My youngest daughter spent most of her high school life training to play tennis.我最小的女儿高中时大部分时间都在训练打网球
115–And her coach was pretty familiar with our work on complexity and the growth rings她的教练对我们这套 成长圈的理论也很熟悉。
116–so I called him up one day to check on Maddie’s progress.所以有一天我打电话给他问麦迪的进展。
117–And I was able to phrase my question like this I said,我可以这样表达我的问题,
118–“hey Lee, how long has been since Mattie’s been pushed deep into complexity?”“嘿,李,自从玛蒂被推入复杂圈的深渊以来,已经有多久了?”
119–Lee response, ” funny, you’d ask Bill, we got there yesterday,”李回答说:““比尔,你问得正好。 她昨天进了复杂圈”
120–” she broke down into tears on the tennis court.””她在网球场上失声痛哭。”
122–Well, knowing how tough my daughter is,我知道我女儿有多坚强,
123–and the fact that she never cries told me she was deep in the complexity.她从未哭过的事实告诉我,她的确深陷复杂圈里。
124–But friends.但朋友们
125–This is where critical developmental decisions are made但是朋友们,这正是成长的关键所在,
126–because the old Bill, the pre growth ring Bill, would have intervened.因为以前的比尔, 或者说“成长洗礼前的比尔”应该会想介入
127–And wanted to know what was making her so uncomfortable.想知道是什么让她如此不舒服。
128–Then I would have done everything I could to try and get her happy again.那我就会尽我所能让她重新开心起来。
129–What I really would have been doing is removing the complexity and putting her in order.其实正是帮她从复杂圈跳出来,
130–I actually would have been stifling her development.但实际上会阻碍她的发展。
131–But the new post growth ring ,Bill relished in his daughter’s discomfort.但是,新的“成长后的比尔”,幸灾乐祸地看着女儿痛苦
132–And it was the coaches next words that told me everything I needed to hear.而教练接下来的话告诉了我我需要听到的一切。
133–He said, “Billy I got to tell you.”他说”比利,我得告诉你”
134–It took a heck of a lot more比起上个月我花了更多时间
135–to get her to the limits of complexity this month than it did last month.才成功将她推进更上一层的复杂圈。
136–Discomfort was causing her growth.不安痛苦使她成长。
137–Okay, but what if好吧,但如果
138–You’re not lucky enough to live or work in a robust, high growth environment.你没那么好运有一个高强度成长的生活或工作环境,那怎么办?
139–What if you’re stuck in order, even worse stagnation.如果你深陷秩序圈,或者更糟糕的停滞圈,该怎么办?
140–Well, the great news is everyone can trigger complexity at any time好消息是每个人都可以启动复杂圈
141–so complexity trigger number three.第三个方法就是
142–Trigger it yourself.自己启动进入复杂圈。
143–Take a journey with me back to Montgomery, Alabama和我一起回到阿拉巴马州的蒙哥马利吧
144–in the nineteen fiftys and imagine if you will, a young girl.在20世纪50年代,想象一个年轻的女孩。
145–Who’s black and she attends an all black high school,她是黑人,上的是全黑人的高中,
146–and she takes a city bus to get there and home, which wasn’t unusual in that era.她坐公交车回家,这在那个年代很常见。
147–And a March second, nineteen fifty five, she boards a bus to come home from school1955年3月2日,她乘公共汽车从学校回家
148–and she sits near the back.她坐在后面。
149–In the first draw of seats where blacks were allowed to set.她坐在公车上黑人区的第一排
150–And as a bus continues to fill with white people,随着一辆公交车继续挤满白人,
151–there’s eventually no more room in the front of the bus.公共汽车最终白人区的位置没了
152–And according to local law,根据当地法律,
153–she needed move further back to create room for white people to sit.她需要往后挪一点,给白人腾出坐的空间。
154–You see, Montgomery had an order in place蒙哥马利当时的这条规定
155–that one followed led to a very predictable outcome.她如果照做,正常来说结果就是:
156–Repression of people with little conflict.可以避免冲突
157–The fifteen year old Carter Kulvin.15岁的卡特·库尔文
158–Had just spent the last month in high school studying black history,刚刚在高中学习了一个月的黑人历史,
159–and she was understandably fed up with the historic可以想见她对过去及
160–in existing atrocities. And so on this day.当下黑人受到的暴力对待的心情,
161–She decided she didn’t like Montgomery’s order.她决定不理会蒙哥马利的命令
162–And by refusing to give up her seat,她拒绝让座,
163–she sent a community, our laws and our entire country into complexity.她让整个社会、我们的法律和我们的整个国家陷入了复杂的境地。
164–Yes, nine months before Rosa Parks made her famous decision to stay put.是的 她比众所周知不让座的罗莎·帕克斯 (Rosa Parks) 还早了九个月。
165–Who’s a fifteen year old girl that was handcuffed,一个十五岁的女孩,被铐着,
166–dragged from the bus and taken in prison从车上拖下来,然后被送进监狱
167–It was Miss Colevin, not Rosa Parks who first fought the law.第一个与法律抗争的是科尔文,而不是罗莎·帕克斯。
168–And by the way,顺便说一下,
169–Was also the star paintiff to testify in the famous lawsuit她也是最出名的诉讼原告
170–that went all the way to the US Supreme Court. So因为该案一直上诉到美国最高法院。所以
171–I use Clotettes actions, not to heighten awareness of race issues我使用克劳黛特的行动,不是为了提高对种族问题的意识
172–although that’s not necessarily bad.尽管那也没啥不好,
173–But I use this as an example of但是我用这个作为例子是因为
174–every issue, of every situation, in an ordered environment.它适用于秩序圈中每一个问题,每一个情况,在一个有序的环境。
175–It’s a real and perfect example of complexity,这是复杂圈的一个真实而完美的例子,
176–forcing people, our communities and our courts into discomfort.显现出所有人、社群和执法单位 处在复杂圈中的不安;
177–And the downstream impact that can occur any time以及一旦有人选择跳出秩序圈
178–someone elects to move from order.所产生的连带反应。
179–Dr. Serene Jones.琼斯博士宁静
180–In a recent book summarizes this concept very eloquently,在最近的一本书中,生动流畅地概述了一个观点。
181–she said”the constant facade of order.”她说的是“持续存在的秩序表象”。
182–Hides the wilderness that is craving to seep out隐藏着生命原始的渴望
183–and teaches us that life wasn’t created to be what we think it is.告诉我们生命并非我们以为的理所当然。
184–Beyond words文字无法言传,
185–we must experience the wilderness只能亲身深入,去经历 生命的原始的荒野,
186–to be taught what cannot be otherwise known.去学习,别无他法。
187–So friends.所以朋友们
188–It’s not the discomfort of losing a job,人生中最可怕的不是丢了工作,
189–it’s not having a child breakdown on the tennis courts,不是让孩子们在网球场上崩溃,
190–but it’s order you should fear the most, because it is a threat.但你最应该害怕的是秩序,因为这是一种威胁。
191–And order disrupting people至于那些破坏秩序的人
192–like Jesus,Galileo,Codic Coolvin, Aspen’s trainer.比如耶稣,伽利略,科迪奇,阿斯彭的教练。
193–And maybe even a few of you have already proven,now think about this.也许你们中的一些人已经证明了,现在想想这个。
194–It’s not the complexity triggering individuals我们应该惧怕的不是把事情复杂化的人
195–or events you should fear the most.或是事情。
196–But it’s your own willingness to accept or seek discomfort.而是我们自身能否接受甚至拥抱不安不适的意愿,
197–That will dictate the growth of not just you, but our entire world.这不仅会影响你的成长,也会影响我们整个世界的成长。
198–Thank you very much for allowing me to be a part of this.非常感谢你们让我参与进来。

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