背景介绍:Harvey去找科斯特尔汽车公司负责人Lawrence ,却发现特拉维斯(哈维的对手律师)已经找过Lawrence 了,而且离间了哈维和劳伦斯的信任,让劳伦斯不再聘用哈维。哈维重温往昔与Lawrence 两人之间的合作关系,劳伦斯不以为然,于是Harvey激将Lawrence,两人彻底划清了界线。


1、职场用语:“evaluating / explorering someone’s options” 是什么意思?

2、解释:keeping you on retainer是什么意思?




6、尝试使用短语“on the line”造句。


321–Am I being fired? 你们是在解雇我吗

322–We’re keeping you on retainer while we evaluate our options. 我们在物色新人时 仍会支付你聘用金

英文释义:If someone or an organizatioon keeps you on retainer, that means you’re “on-call” for a specified number of hours each week or month. The client agrees to pay you for these hours, whether he gives you work or not. Usually, service providers offer clients a reduced hourly rate for the security offered by being on retainer.

中文释义:如果某雇主或公司keeping someone on retainer,表示他们会以小时数计费的方式雇佣该人(通常是顾问或律师类的高级职务,薪资按周或按月结算。)即便雇佣方在当周或当月并没有联系与服务提供方,也会按照事先约定的小时数支付工资。一般来说,服务提供方会给予雇佣方一定的折扣以避免财务损失。

Evaluate one’s options:这个短语直译过来是——评估可选项,在商务语境,通常指人员聘用时,雇佣方会权衡他们手上的简历及面试结果,以物色新人加入。

与之对应的短语表达:Exploering one’s options,则是指:求职方在离职或意欲离职期间,为加入新的公司而去寻求机遇或挖掘新的选项。

324–Don’t you see, Tanner’s trying to put a wedge between us? 你看不出坦纳在试图挑拨我们吗

Put / drive a wedge between us someone:to damage the good relationship that two people or groups of people have. (挑拨或离间他人之间的关系,使其产生隔阂。)

325–What Lawrence is reluctant to tell you is, 劳伦斯不想亲口告诉你

326–your relationship with this man 正是因为你和这人的关系

327–has put us directly in his crosshairs. 才让他把“枪口”对准了我们

Put sb in one’s crosshairs:to put sommeone in a position in which other people are eager to criticize or attack. (将某人推上风口浪尖或置入易受攻击的处境,鉴于“crosshair”有“十字准星”的意思,很多情况下可以直接翻译为“枪口”,之所以打个引号,是因为多数时候,不是真正的枪口,而是某种攻击性的火力之下。与之对应的短语:“get someone out of the crosshairs”,则是帮某人脱困解围,救某人于水深火热之中。)

E.G.1:No, you’re just using this situation to get Mike Ross out of the crosshairs.

328–There is a wedge between us. 我们之间确实有嫌隙

329–Maybe Lawrence’s reluctance stems from the fact 也许劳伦斯不愿亲口说

Stem from:to start or develop as the result of something. (起源于、出于、基于)

330–that I also have a relationship with him. 是因为我和他也交情甚密

331–Harvey, I have a corporate responsibility here. 哈维  我身负对公司的义务

332–Well, while you’re evaluating your options, 在你选择律师的同时

333–why don’t you think about 不妨想想

334–who was there for your company four years ago 四年前是谁帮你们打赢了官司

335–and what happened to your stock price after I won. 还有赢了之后公司股价是怎么飙涨的

336–Oh, you got paid very well for that. 你也赚得盘满钵满

337–As were you. 你也是呢

338–You had a huge bonus that year, 你那年分红颇丰

339–and I don’t actually recall it ever going back down.  此后更是一路飘红

340–There’s no need to get personal. 我们只是公事公办

Personal:Intentionally offensive or critical remark about someone’s character or appearance. (私人化、带个人感情色彩)

341–You…  our asses are on the line, 你  我们已经命悬一线了

On the line:at risk of failing or being harmed. (处于危险境地或命悬一线)

342–and you’re trying to cut me loose, it’s personal. 而你想着要解雇我  别说只是公事公办

Cub sb loose:If you cut a person or organization loose, you get rid of them, especially by no longer employing them or controlling them. (与某方脱离关系,比如:不再职场上不再雇佣某人、或终结两人之间的亲密友好关系等。)

343— Harvey.  – Save the “It’s not you, it’s me” speech, okay? — 哈维  别再说”问题在我 与你无关”了

344–Be a man and make a clean break. 拿出点勇气直截了当地说吧

Make a clean break:To initiate a complete termination of a relationship, or from a situation. (彻底终断某种关系或脱离某种局面)

345— Fine.  – No.  行   别

346–You’re fired. 你被解雇了

347–He‘s on record. 他公开声明了(言外之意,我录音了)

Be on record:If you are on record as saying something, you have said it publicly and officially and it has been written or recorded down. (被记录在案的公开且言正声明)

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